Where Can You Watch Theatre in Sydney

Sydney is by no means short on highlights, from the beaches to the nightlife to the accommodation, but one of Sydney’s lesser known yet most impressive highlights is its thriving live theatre scene. The following is a look at some of the many places in Sydney where you can find awesome live theatre. Whether you are a Sydney backpacker or are here on business, don’t leave until you have checked out at least one great performance.

The Capitol Theatre

This fantastic venue has been operating in this same historic art deco building since 1927, and is widely considered to be one of Australia’s finest theatres. Following extensive renovations, the Capitol is now able to seat 2000 people, and it regularly plays host to some of Australia’s largest theatre productions. A visit to the Capitol Theatre is an absolute must for any serious theatre buff, as well as for anyone looking for an excuse to get dressed up and be highly entertained.

The Theatre Royal

For a long time this great place was considered Sydney’s premier theatre venue, at least until the Capitol underwent its renovations in the mid 1990s. While the Theatre Royal seats only 1133 people, what it lacks in size it more than makes up for with charm. Regardless of the time of year you are in Sydney, you are bound to catch something amazing going on at the Theatre Royal.

The Sydney Theatre

This 850-seat venue is the latest to appear in Sydney’s Walsh Bay district, with two of the other adjoining theatres, Wharf 1 and Wharf 2, belonging to the Sydney Theatre Company. The Sydney Theatre has become the new home of the Sydney Dance Company as well as the Bangarra Dance Theatre, so you are just about guaranteed to find something incredible going on any time you drop by.

The Sydney Opera House

This gorgeous venue plays host to a huge amount of live theatre each year, and does so by way of four separate theatres. The Opera Theatre is the largest of the venues and is able to seat 1547 people, followed by the 544-seat Drama Theatre and the 398-seat Playhouse. For even more intimate live theatre, catch a performance at the Opera House’s smallest theatre venue, a 280-seat theatre known as the Studio, which offers a fantastic chance to get up close to the action.

The Bondi Pavilion Theatre

Located right next to one of Sydney’s most famous beaches, and within steps of some of the most popular hostels in Sydney, the Bondi Pavilion Theatre is a fantastic place to see great live local theatre. The Pavilion has a 220-seat capacity and consistently showcases some absolute theatre gems, so if you are itching for some good live theatre, head to the Pavilion.

The Castle Hill Pavilion Theatre

Located in the Hills District of north-western Sydney, the Pavilion is a non-profit theatre and is home to one of Australia’s most respected amateur theatre companies, the Castle Hill Players. For the past 46 years the Castle Hill Players have put on an array of consistently intelligent and engaging productions at the Pavilion, which many regard to be among Australia’s best live amateur performances. If you love theatre and want to get a taste of real suburban Sydney life, check out anything that’s on at the Pavilion.