Useful Tools for Backpacking in Australia

There is no better place in the world to go backpacking than Australia, but it will make a big difference to your trip if you arrive with the right tools in your pack. The following are some of the best tools to bring on an Australian backpacking adventure.

>A tent

If you are planning a backpacking trip to Australia and want to see as much of it as possible, having your own tent is one of the most useful tools you could have. A tent can help save you a small fortune on accommodation, as well as make it easy for you to see as much of the great outdoors as possible, so bring your own tent from home or pick one up when you get to Australia.

>A sleeping bag

Be sure to bring a decent sleeping bag with you, because despite what you may have heard, it can and does get cold in Australia, and you’ll get good use out of a warm sleeping bag regardless of whether you plan on doing any camping or not. Your sleeping bag will be a handy tool for staying warm on overnight bus or train journeys, and if you plan on staying in backpacker hostels in Sydney, Melbourne or other major centres, your sleeping bag will provide a little extra comfort. Make sure your pack has a good sleeping bag in it.

>A multi-tool

One of the best things about an Australian backpacking adventure is that anything can happen, so if you want to be prepared for just about anything, consider investing in a quality multi-tool. Having a knife can be handy for preparing food on a hike, a corkscrew will be useful more often than you’d think, and if you will be doing any cycling it is vital to at least have the tools needed to change a tyre. Every multi-tool is different, so if you are looking to pick one up, prioritise features that are most likely to suit your style of backpacking.

>A credit card

Australia can be an expensive country to visit, even if you are backpacking, so regardless of how much money you plan on bringing, it is a good idea to bring a credit card too, just in case of emergencies. If you somehow lose your money on your trip or simply spend more than you were planning to, your credit card can be an extremely useful tool to get you out of trouble. Apart from helping to deal with emergencies, it will also make it easier to secure accommodation during peak season, when everything from Sydney hostels to Great Ocean Road B&Bs tend to sell out quickly.

>A mobile phone

Having a mobile phone with you on your backpacking trip can be a very useful tool, because depending on what part of the country you are heading to, public phones can be few and far between. You will likely want access to a phone for things like booking hostels, flights or even just for keeping in touch with people you meet along the way, and if you plan on working while you are down here, having a phone will make getting a job a whole lot easier.