Top 20 Aussie Discoveries and Destinations

Before planning an Australian vacation, there are 20 top Aussie discoveries and destinations worth knowing about, according to CNN.

1. There are 10 times more camels than koalas, with 1 million roaming the outback.

2. Australians love gambling. Last year, gamblers each spent $1314.

3. CSIRO, the national science agency, created and patented Wi-Fi.

4. 8222 smaller islands surround the island continent.

5. Melbourne’s also known as a Greek city, with the world’s third-largest Greek population.

6. Australia’s first and last military coup was over rum. In 1808, Governor William Bligh wanted to stop rum as a form of payment and was overthrown in the Rum Rebellion.

7. 20 out of 25 of the world’s deadliest snakes, including the top 10, can be found in Australia.

8. Travelling from one coast to another takes 3-4 days by train via the Trans-Australian Railway line.

9. Typical Aussie burgers have beetroot (beets), which is why they taste fantastic.

10. The Sydney Opera House, NSW – Turned 40 this year, but it was a pain to build. There were problems with the design, costs and the architect.

11. Capertee Valley, NSW – The second-biggest enclosed canyon in the world.

12. Lord Howe Island, NSW – The coral reefs have over 90 coral species and 500 fish species.

13. Yamba, NSW – Surf spot with no crowds, 11 beaches and Angourie’s point-break.

14.Undara Lava Tubes, QLD – The longest tunnels of molten-rock with underground caves.

15. Painted Desert, SA – At sunset, the small hills glow red, orange and pink.

16. Limestone Coast, SA – There are beaches, crater lakes, caves and wineries.

17. Litchfield National Park, NT – Bushwalk and swim without crocodiles. It’s accessible even when it’s raining.

18. Maria Island, TAS – Also called Noah’s Ark due to endangered animals in eucalyptus forests. There are also beaches and cliffs.

19. Monkey Mia, WA – Feed dolphins in shallow waters on the Shark Bay Peninsula.

20. Karijini National Park, WA – Not too crowded, with gorges and rock pools.