Sydney Nightlife for Backpackers

For backpackers, Sydney has a fantastic selection when it comes to nightlife. If you are loud and rowdy, or intimate and quiet or simply looking for the somewhere to have fun, Sydney will have something for you, somewhere.

It doesn’t matter where you are staying in Sydney; most hostels are within easy walking distance of public transport so you can get to any destination with ease.

Without singling out any particular venues, let’s take a look at a couple of random selections so you can judge whether or not they are worth a visit.

Before you head out anywhere, why not drop off at the Argyle Hotel in the Rocks.

This huge hotel is like an open the warehouse and is popular by day or night. There is a cobblestone courtyard, reasonably priced food and drink, and it has a modern indoor/outdoor feel to suit any occasion.

Not far away in Cockle Bay Wharf, try out Home the Venue. This huge hotel can cram in over 2000 patrons on a busy night, and is one of Sydney’s largest. The best part is there are eight different areas for you to choose from. At one extreme is the Tokyo Hotel which has a separate bar on the waterfront, and other guest DJ rooms where you can hear music from all around the world. Friday night is a specialty for music and is regarded as one of the city’s most lively nightspots. Remember to arrive early and dress well or else you run the risk of being turned away!

If you are unlucky enough to be turned away, all is not lost! Simply head for the Soho Bar and Lounge in Victoria Street.

This is a truly chic hotel with an art deco feel. Gleaming chrome and timber finishes are offset by the porthole style lighting on the walls. There is a fantastic cocktail bar and dance floor that have podiums if you want to show off! Make sure you dress up though, because many visiting celebrities have been seen here, including Kylie Minogue and Pierce Brosnan.

One of the most famous pubs in Sydney is the Coogee Bay Hotel. With a spectacular location right on the beach, it is a popular live music venue but also has a nightclub called Selina’s. The pub is always popular with university students and backpackers. In fact, there are dozens of hostels nearby, some within walking distance. It’s a great pub with plenty of things to do from live music, playing pool, watching a game of football on TV or simply sitting outside having a drink looking out over the ocean. What better way to showcase Sydney’s beach lifestyle than this famous pub?

For many backpackers visiting Sydney, hostels are their first accommodation choice. Luckily, all of the pubs listed here are easily accessible so you won’t have to wander the streets looking for transport. It is so easy to just kick back and get into the Sydney nightlife, and enjoy the energy and cheap entertainment.