Sunrise to Sunset in Sydney for Backpackers

Here are five top things to do in Sydney, from The Little Backpacker:

  • Watch the sun come up on Bondi Beach. You won’t be alone: Bondi at dawn is a frenzy of joggers and fitness classes. It will be beautiful, all the same.
  • Then eat or just have a coffee at Trio, a Bondi cafe open to the waves. A little on the pricey side, but worth it for the fab food and view.
  • Take the ferry to Manly. This 20-minute journey gives you a new perspective on the Opera House and the city, and introduces you to a new beach enclave of restaurants, shops and attractions at famous Manly.
  • Stroll the Royal Botanic Gardens. These majestic gardens are home to towering trees and beautiful flowers as well as parkland. You will catch a glimpse of the Harbour Bridge from time to time.
  • Tucked away from the main harbour, Darling Harbour is a bustling place with a welcoming grassy area and palm trees. Fireworks displays light the place up most Saturday nights.