Protecting Yourself from the Harsh Aussie Sun

The Australian sun is well know for being a bit rough on the epidermis and if you aren’t used to stinking hot days and hot rays that can literally cause damage to your skin within a matter of minutes, then you need to read these important sun smart tips. Whether you’ve just moved in to one of the popular Sydney hostels or have already regretfully had a run in with the sun and are feeling the after effects, it’s never too late to apply these important rules to your outdoor regime:

Wear sunscreen

While tans can admittedly look hot, being burnt and blistered is definitely not hot. Considering you can now get a tan in a bottle or tube for only a few dollars, it doesn’t make sense to roast your skin by laying in the hot sun doing permanent damage that will make you look well beyond your years. This is why it is so important that when you go outside, you always wear sunscreen. If you are going swimming or will be outdoors for a lengthy period of time, regularly reapply the sunscreen every few hours to ensure you’re protected.

Wear a hat

It doesn’t have to be a dorky looking thing you brought over from home, but your hat should cover your face and ears, as well as your neck, so the wide brimmed variety is preferred. Whether you are bush walking, going to the beach or having a picnic it doesn’t matter how much sunscreen you wear, a hat is a must. You also need to consider your head and scalp which is not protected from the sun, should you decide to not wear a hat.

Light clothing that protects you from the sun

Sometimes it’s a good idea to wear a top with sleeves so that if you do end up sweating off your sunscreen, at least your shoulders are protected. Wearing light cotton fabrics that are protective yet breathe and feel light are another easy way to protect yourself from the sun.

Seek shade

If you don’t have sunscreen on or any protective clothing over the sensitive areas of your skin, then it’s really important that you seek shade. A bad burn can really make your stay in Sydney uncomfortable and can ensure everything from showering to sleeping is a painful nightmare.


Your eyes should also be shielded from the harsh rays of the sun. Make sure that you bring with you appropriate UV protection sunglasses that you can wear when you’re out and about or at the beach. Squinting can give you wrinkles and excessive exposure is simple not good for your eyes or the sensitive skin around them.

Whether this is your first time staying in one of the best Backpackers Sydney has to offer or you’ve visited many times before, there’s simply no excuse for not taking care of your skin. While the hot sun makes Australian summers ideal for beach parties and BBQ’s, it also means that people need to take care of themselves and ensure that they do everything possible to shield their skin from the sun.