7 Best Foods To Try When In Sydney

One thing you will notice soon after arriving in Australia, is the multicultural nature of the country. This is best represented in the wide range of restaurants and some very cheap eats while you are in Australia. As many of the people who opened these places to eat were immigrants themselves, (more…)  

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King’s Cross Stories for Backpackers

For all backpackers, Sydney offers a huge variety of accommodation and places to see. It is a spectacular city with one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, and the best part is you can travel cheaply and enjoy fantastic nightlife without blowing the budget. Whilst there are many well-known tourist (more…)  

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Sydney Nightlife for Backpackers

For backpackers, Sydney has a fantastic selection when it comes to nightlife. If you are loud and rowdy, or intimate and quiet or simply looking for the somewhere to have fun, Sydney will have something for you, somewhere. It doesn’t matter where you are staying in Sydney; most hostels are within easy (more…)  

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How Important is the Atmosphere of a Hostel?

Atmosphere can be everything. We can all think of times where we have gone to a place only to feel uncomfortable or an uneasy for no other reason than the vibe being all wrong. In hostels, the right atmosphere can immediately make an actual or a potential guest feel at home (more…)  

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6 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Surf in Sydney

When people think of surfing, learning to surf, and the beach culture, Sydney isn’t usually one of the places that first comes to mind! In reality, though, Sydney has easy access to a wide range of beaches. Conditions at some are gentle, and you can graduate to beaches with bigger waves, (more…)  

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Top 10 Hottest Nightclubs in Sydney

Sydney is the vibrant, throbbing heart of Australia … much busier, more cosmopolitan and infinitely more accessible and hospitable than the physical heart of Australia in the Red Centre! And if you’re backpacking in Sydney, you’ll find it’s also a very cheap city to find things to do in. There are (more…)  

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