Lord of the Fries Opens in Sydney

Lord of the Fries (LOTF) opened in Sydney for the first time this year, allowing locals, tourists and visitors a taste of the famous sweet potato fries.

Cooking Crusade reports that LOTF offers not only gluten-free chips, but also meat-free burgers and hotdogs. This is great for vegetarians, vegans and food allergy sufferers.

The menu also has a variety of sauces, such as:

  • Spicy mango chutney and sour cream
  • Belgian mayonnaise
  • Thai satay with onion
  • Shredded cheese with hot gravy

For the fries, there’s the East LA, with hot cheese sauce, salsa and jalapenos, and the French Canadian, with melted shredded cheese, tasty hot gravy and crispy fries. Regular-sized fries cost $4.95 and the sauces are $2.50 each. There’s even a $4.95 mini burger.

Mandy and Mark, the owners of LOTF, started the franchise in 2004 after meeting in Taiwan. They both loved fries, but wanted tasty, saucy fries made of fresh potatoes with the right thickness and crispiness.

They moved to Melbourne in 2004 to serve their own fries from a mobile chip van. Mark’s brother Sam named the franchise Lord of the Fries. They travelled around Australia, serving the people with homemade fries and sauces in a cone.