King’s Cross Stories for Backpackers

For all backpackers, Sydney offers a huge variety of accommodation and places to see. It is a spectacular city with one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, and the best part is you can travel cheaply and enjoy fantastic nightlife without blowing the budget.

Whilst there are many well-known tourist attractions like The Opera House, Taronga Park Zoo and The Rocks area adjacent to the harbour, there are plenty of alternatives too, like King’s Cross.

King’s Cross is a suburb located quite close to the city and is probably the most best known area in the capital. For many years, it had a reputation of being the centre of crime and prostitution in Australia. Stories abound of gangland killings, drug barons establishing their seedy empires, and police corruption all bound up in one relatively small area.

At the other end of the scale however, it contained some of the most stylish restaurants and hotels in the city. So, it was attractive to all walks of life, not to mention tourists who still flock here in their thousands every day.

Today, King’s Cross has a clean, spruced up image that makes it a safe haven for anyone caring to pay a visit.

From a historical point of view, King’s Cross is one of Sydney’s oldest areas being adjacent to the oldest suburb in Sydney, Woolloomooloo. The area has some fantastic old pubs and one of the most famous landmarks is Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. Harry’s cafe became a regular eating point for midnight revellers on their way home. It might only be a simple caravan serving hot pies and hotdogs, but it soon became a landmark in Sydney and is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. Don’t miss it.

But King’s Cross is not all strip joints and restaurants. Some of the other interesting places of note include Elizabeth House and the Sydney Jewish Museum.

Elizabeth House is an elegant example of beautiful colonial architecture with some of the most exquisite interiors you will find in Sydney. It was once touted as the finest house in the colony, and you will understand why once you visit. Strangely, the house was never completed because its original owner abandoned it six years after having moved in. You will have to visit the site to find out what happened next!

The Sydney Jewish Museum contains a poignant and haunting reminder of the Holocaust and it pays tribute to the remarkable survival of Jewish descendants who came to Australia. It is truly a world-class museum and is not only a reminder of tragic times, but also stimulates us to value the democracy and social justice which we experience today in Australia.

Backpackers will find plenty of hostels in Victoria Street and at the lower end of King’s Cross in Darlinghurst Road. King’s Cross is an easy walk from the city by taking William Street from Hyde Park. Alternatively, there are buses and trains to make it easier.

So, if you have joined the throng of backpackers, Sydney welcomes you with open arms and invites you to explore this ever-changing and stimulating part of Sydney.