How To Save Space In Your Backpack

If you are planning on heading off on a backpacking adventure it is important that you are being as efficient as possible with the way you pack, otherwise you are very little chance of having enough room to bring everything that you may want or need for your trip. The following are a few simple and easy ways that you can save space in your backpack, regardless of whether you plan on backpacking in Sydney or the south of France.

Only Pack What You Need

One of the best ways to save space in your backpack is to only pack those items that you will actually need on your trip, so do some research into the place you are heading off to and find out what you will need and what you can safely leave behind. Depending on where you will be traveling to you can most likely buy or rent any extras that you want or need when you arrive, so stick to the necessities when packing your pack and you may even have a little extra space in there for bringing home some souvenirs.

Have a System for Your Packing

If you want to make the most of the space that you have in your backpack it can help to have a system for your packing, because you are no chance of being space efficient if you are simply jamming everything in there. To make your pack easiest to carry it is wise to have the heaviest items at the bottom of your pack and the lightest at the top, and you should also ensure that you keep any of those items that you will need on a daily basis in a part of your pack that is easily accessible. Whatever you do, make sure that you have some sort of system for how you pack, because the more organized you are the less chance there is of you wasting any space.

Use Compression Bags

A fantastic way to squeeze every possible inch out of your pack is to invest in a few compression bags, because whether you are trying to fit in some extra clothes or your sleeping bag, compression bags will enable you to do so in less than half the amount of space. While compression bags will only work on soft items they are extremely light and some are even waterproof, and whether you are sleeping in a van, on the beach or in Sydney hostels, you will love the extra space your compression bags provide you with.

Strap Bulky Items to the Outside

An easy way to create a lot of extra space in your pack is to strap some of your bulkier items to the outside of your pack, because having your tent, sleeping bag or air mattress no longer taking up space inside your pack can make a significant difference. While you will need to ensure that everything is attached properly, that it is balanced and protected from the elements, the extra space you will gain may mean you can bring a little more with you on your trip or back home from it.