How Important is the Atmosphere of a Hostel?

Atmosphere can be everything. We can all think of times where we have gone to a place only to feel uncomfortable or an uneasy for no other reason than the vibe being all wrong. In hostels, the right atmosphere can immediately make an actual or a potential guest feel at home and relaxed or completely out of place.

Hostels do sometimes carry an out-dated reputation as places that are dark, dusty, cold and smelling of beer. Contemporary hostels put an end to this stereotype with their bright, clean and fresh décor and welcoming environment.

Today, many hostels have revitalised their image. This certainly applies to a number of Sydney hostels which have developed an image for themselves that is bright, full of fun, social and buzzing. Given that the target market of these establishments is more often than not backpackers who have come to Australia, and more particularly Sydney, for a good time, the refreshed image is completely appropriate.

As many young travellers want to combine seeing the sights with partying, this is the angle that the majority of hostels have taken. Just by entering a hostel or reading its description and publicity materials, you can gain a sense that these places offer much more than a bunk bed and a shared bathroom.

With prominently advertised opportunities to get involved in pub crawls, nights out, karaoke, pool competitions, quiz nights, sightseeing tours, themed parties and so much more, hostels are successfully projecting their capacity to meet the social and accommodation needs of their patrons.

Many Sydney hostels recognise the need to have a fun, relaxing atmosphere. While the highly social, partying atmosphere is most obvious, good hostels also offer places and opportunities for people to chill out and enjoy some quieter moments, either alone or with others. This is important so that hostels do not become an unappealing option for those who are less up for the party.

The friendly and social atmosphere of hostels is important and it distinguishes this accommodation type from competitors. Travellers often have no or very loose plans as to how long they will stay in one place, where they will head next and what they will do. Many of us have experience or have heard stories of people meeting and sharing travelling adventures for a short or long time and it is not uncommon for these arrangements to begin in hostels!

It is actually very common for like-minded people to meet in places such as hostels and arrange to share some of their journeys and adventures. It is a unique feature of hostels and often the result of their friendly, relaxed atmosphere that people meet in this way and form the relationships that they do. Where else in life and location does this occur so frequently?

Hostels do seem to have an image and atmosphere all of their own. Over the years, the reputation of hostels has cleaned up markedly, to the point that so many are now respected as the quality, clean and versatile establishments that they truly are.

Hostels can be very special places where excitement is shared, fun is had, adventurous plans are made and travel and personal experiences are valued. The capacity of hostels to provide a unique and relaxed atmosphere that allows this to happen, sets them apart from all other accommodation types.