How Big Is your Backpack?

When people talk about backpacking today they are rarely actually talking about putting everything they need into a backpack and heading off for a year. If you are hoping to travel around Australia, you’re going to need a backpack big enough to fit everything that you need into it. Travelling between backpacker hostels in Sydney may be easy enough with a suitcase, but you’re not going to want to drag a suitcase between Alice Springs and Uluru. Getting the right backpack and packing correctly is vitally important for ensuring you are able to travel around comfortably. This article considers how to ensure that you have packed correctly.

Look for Quality

There is a variety of backpacks available to buy in camping and hiking shops around the world, but finding the right one can be hard. The first important thing to remember is that you are not paying for a brand. Your backpack will be battered, bruised and oddly shaped after just a week in the Australian outback, so you need to be sure you are buying quality and not celebrity endorsement. If the backpack doesn’t look tough enough then it probably isn’t.

Try it for Size

The next important thing is to ensure that you purchase a bag that is a manageable size. If you buy a bag that holds more than you can carry, then you are simply making life more difficult for yourself. Remember that you need to be able to lift the bag comfortably and to be able to carry it for long distances. You will also need to be able to fit your backpack into the lockers of your hostel, so you don’t want it to be too large.

Use the Multitude of Zips

All backpacks have a large number of zips that allow you to access particular areas of the bag, without having to pull everything else out. It is advisable to use these zips because it allows you access to a specific section of your luggage, without having to rummage throughout all of your other gear. Planning your packing so that you can access everything that you need without rearranging everything else will make your life as a backpacker much easier.

Carry It

Once you are packed, the worst thing you can do is to head off without trying the bag out and seeing how you fare with it. If you cannot handle carrying the bag around for more than an hour, then it is time reassess what you have packed. If you are unable to complete a walk outdoors for a long, then you will find yourself struggling when it comes to trekking through the Australian wilderness.

Only Take Essential Items

When backpacking, one of the major tenets is to be sparing with what you take. Whilst it may be daunting heading off for a year abroad with only a bag on your back, you will be thankful of your prudence when you are carrying your bag in the hot Australian sun. If your bag is too light then you can always fill it with souvenirs but if your bag is too heavy, it will be too late to wish you had left your novels at home.