Grounded: Backpackers Take the Red-Eye to Nowhere

Sleeping overnight on a plane is testing enough when the aircraft is bound for an exotic locale, but sleeping on the tarmac on a plane going nowhere sounds like a no-go.

However, backpackers are happily forking out to do just that in Sweden, according to Travel Weekly.

They willingly spend the night in a 1976-model Boeing 747-200 which businessman Oscar Divs has converted into a 27-room travellers’ hostel at Sweden’s Arlanda Airport.

Like many backpacker hostels around the world, it has single-sex dormitories and some private rooms. Unlike many backpacker hostels, these private rooms have ensuite bathrooms and flat-screen TV’s. And no backpacker hostel on earth offers a ‘pilot’s-eye view’ from the cockpit suite. Guests in this room lie on crisply laundered sheets in bed and feast on a panoramic airport vista over the instrument panel through the windscreen.

Divs said he leapt at the opportunity to buy the aircraft from now-defunct Swedish carrier, Transjet, in 2006.

It was a perfect solution to his search for an airport property for his expanding hostel business.