Great Souvenirs to Bring Back for the Family

Youv’e had a great time staying in one of the best Sydney hostels and now it’s time to head back home. You’re packed, you’re all set, you just need to purchase some souvenirs for your friends and family members back home. First things first, step away from the tea towel. We’ve got the best list of gift ideas your loved ones will really enjoy:

Bondi Beach T-shirts and hoodies

Bondi Beach is one of Sydney’s most iconic places and a favourite for most tourists. That’s why a Bondi Beach T-shirt or hoodie is just the thing for young friends and family members back home. Unlike those Aussie socks you’ve been eyeing off, this is something they really will wear and enjoy receiving. Bondi Beach Lifesaver merchandise is also a favourite.


Aussies love their thongs. They live in them most of the year. That’s what makes them such a perfect souvenir. For an added touch, purchase ones that have the Australian flag printed on them.

Cork Hat

For those who love a good long laugh, then a cork hat is the ideal souvenir. Designed to keep the flies away, this hat will no doubt elicit fits of laughter when you pull it out and the person who receives it, is sure to appreciate the gesture.

Akubra hat

Iconically Australian, the Akubra hat is something that is synonymous with Australian culture. Whether you want to invest in one for yourself or as a souvenir to give to someone special back home, this hat is well worth the investment and really does make an ideal gift.


While we are on the topic of extra special people back home, we might as well touch on jewellery that makes the perfect gift. Opals are a great present to give someone when you come back from Australia and there are plenty you can buy that vary dramatically in price, to practically suit every budget.

Plush koalas and kangaroos

Have some little ones back home that you don’t want to disappoint? Why not buy them a cute plush toy of their favourite Australian animal? You can purchase everything from koalas to kangaroos and even crocodile plush toys too.

Add on gifts

Sometimes you may want to give someone a few things rather than one, or you want to get your next door neighbour a little something. We’ve got some great ideas for cute little presents they’ll enjoy:

  • A calendar featuring photographs of Sydney
  • A diary filled with photographs from a local Australian artist
  • A nice glossy fridge magnet (you can never have enough of those)
  • A novelty beer opener- because if Aussies are known world wide for anything, it’s drinking beer (and surfing).

Once you’ve packed all your things and checked out of the best Backpackers Sydney has to offer, give yourself some time to buy some thoughtful souvenirs that everyone will not only appreciate, but enjoy.