Footwear to Pack for Backpacking Trips

Travellers can spend a considerable amount of time on their feet, so having comfortable footwear is vital on any backpacking trip.

Sandals are often the best choice for warmer climates. You can choose from sports-style sandals, with thick soles and sturdy straps, or the classic Aussie footwear of choice: thongs, or flip-flops. These are easier to pack and are great for the beach, but aren’t suitable for walking long distances.

For cooler climates, footwear that protects your toes is essential. Some great examples to choose from include low-cut lightweight running shoes or trail running shoes. The lighter options are easier to pack but should be broken in before the start of the journey.

Compress footwear together before wrapping them with string. Many backpackers opt to hang footwear from the back of their packs to free up more space. Use anti-bacterial liners to keep shoes fresh and clean.