Best Backpacks For an Aussie Trip

So you are about to embark on a trip of a lifetime, an Australian backpacking adventure. You are guaranteed to have the time of your life, as Australia is a land full of fun and natural beauty. From the pristine beaches, to the rugged red outback, to the lush green rainforests of Cape Tribulation, Australia is a backpacker’s paradise.

Throughout Australia, you will find budget backpackers from countless countries around the globe. This creates a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about other cultures, meet new friends and be guaranteed a rich experience while visiting the Land Down Under.’

When planning your trip to Australia, it is essential that you invest in a good quality backpack. After all, you will be constantly on the move, often walking from one hostel to another, jumping on trains and buses, almost always with a backpack on your back. So what do you need to look for when purchasing a backpack?

Consider the weight

World travelers who have been around the globe all say the best backpacks for inexpensive traveling need to be less than 15 kilos of carrying weight. The reasons for this are many. First off, some low budget airlines only allow a specific weight for luggage, often between 12 and 20 kilos. The last thing a backpacker needs before beginning their journey is to have to pay extra money for their luggage to be allowed on board. Secondly, a heavy backpack will wear you out fast as you walk around Sydney and other Australian destinations.

When looking to buy a backpack, ideally the pack should be one kilo or less in weight. A backpack over one kilo adds extra weight that could be used instead for additional gear. A backpack that can carry 15 kilos but weighs two to three kilos is best used for adventure expeditions, not for traveling.

Invest in quality

The price range of a good quality, light weight backpack can range between $50 to $300. Just remember that you get what you pay for. So if you buy the low end cheapest pack, it will lack in quality and durability. Most travelers heading to Australia have invested in a mid-range backpack that was purchased for around $150.

The more expensive packs are often not any better than the middle range. They might just have a better brand name or more gadgets and straps included. If you’re on a budget, then there is no need to buy the expensive $300 backpack.

Some packs to consider

Here are five of the tops brands of backpacks with estimated prices and overall ratings:

  • The North Face – Offers a good quality, stylish and durable lightweight pack between $80 and $140. A pack that can carry 15 kilos is in the upper price range. This is one of the favorite backpacks for travelers heading to Australia. The North Face offers good quality at a competitive price.
  • Arcteryx – Offers a high quality 15 kilo pack for around $200. The colours can be bright or basic black. The downside is weight; a 30 L pack will be 1.5 kilos, and thus this may be more ideal for a well-built traveler.
  • Osprey Stratos – This has a 12 kilo carrying weight capacity, ideal for those who would rather not carry as much weight. The price runs around $100 and weighs in at only 1 kilo.
  • Dueter Spectro – A great pack that can carry 14 kilos of gear. It is very lightweight at 1.2 kilos. The cost of this superb backpack runs between $85 and $110, thus often making this the budget traveler’s dream pack.
  • Marmot Kompressor– Weighing it at less than 0.5 kilos, this makes the perfect backpack for travelers who plan to stay only a day or two in Sydney. The cost is only $50 and the quality is excellent. The downside of this pack is it can only carry 8 kilos worth of gear, so it’s not ideal for long term travel needs. If you’re looking for a pack that won’t wear you out during day travel, this may be the backpack for you.

Investing in a good quality and light backpack will save your energy and make getting from youth hostel to hostel much less of a hassle.