Australian Rules on Liquids and Aerosols in Hand Luggage

Visitors making their way into and out of Australia need to be aware of rules for carrying liquids, gels, and aerosols in their hand luggage. The Australian Government website contains up-to-date information, but below is a quick overview of the restrictions.

Any gel, aerosol, or liquid products need to be carried in containers of 100 millilitres or less. The container should not be more than 100 millilitres in capacity. Larger containers, even those that are only partly full, will not be allowed.

These containers should all be carried within a see-through plastic bag that can be resealed, such as a sandwich bag with a press zip. Once sealed, the four sides of the bag should not exceed 80 centimetres. Each passenger may be permitted only one plastic bag.

The restrictions apply to international flights departing from and arriving in Australia. They also apply to domestic legs that are part of an international flight. The rules need to be observed by passengers carrying hand luggage into the cabin; they do not apply to luggage items that are checked in.

There may be exemptions for certain products such as baby items and medicinal products and devices.