A Weekend At Thredbo With OZ Snow


Maze Backpackers’ receptionist, Alberto, took a tour with Oz Snow to Thredbo recently. Read all about his experience, and if you’d like to go on a trip yourself, speak to one of our staff members!

As I headed for Central Station on Friday, I was filled with anticipation; a 6-hour party bus to Jindabyne, followed by a 2 Day Ski Trip in one of Australia’s top winter locations, all with a group of 60 strangers (aka potential friends)!

I arrived to Central Station with just a few minutes to spare. When our experienced tour leader Mickey told me there was “no need to show me your voucher, we will sort that out later. Anyone who is supposed to be on the bus will be on the bus, just hop on and have fun!” I realised I had made the right choice in joining the organised, yet relaxed, OZ Snow crew. And so it began.

The bus made its way through Sydney’s “rush hour” (which is nothing compared to cities like Mexico City, Sao Paulo, or my home town Bogotá) and we quickly reached our first, and possibly most important, stop along the way – a bottle shop. Within a few minutes we became fully prepared for the 6-hour trip to The Snow Valley Inn.

With the music, the drinks, and a whole new group of friends, including a particularly loud crowd of Brazilians, the long trip felt like a short party. Just before midnight we pulled up to the Snow Valley Inn with a clear game plan; get your gear, get your keys, and go to bed. The gear rental shop was open and waiting for us when we arrived, and they managed to make what is usually a long complicated process very easy and efficient. Within minutes everyone had boots, skis and poles, and we were off to bed to prepare for an early wake up.


At 7:00 am the alarm rang, and unsurprisingly some of my roommates complained. Some skipped a hot shower to enjoy an additional 10 minutes of sleep, before we all headed off for a complimentary breakfast. The Bistro Bar was packed with eager skiers devouring huge breakfasts including eggs, beans, bacon, hash browns and toast – everything you need before a day out in the snow! The bus left only a few minutes late (7:50 am), and the last to board received a well deserved round of “applause”. We managed to beat some of the morning traffic, and we were on the mountain quickly to begin the day’s ski session.

mazebackpackers (2)

After more than a year away from the snow, my first descent was rather full of minor accidents. In less than 20 minutes I had already performed a front and a backflip (both while rolling along the ground), lost a ski, and nearly run into a 4 year old girl who looked at me while most definitely thinking “YOU SUCK”.

I was very happy however, as Thredbo offers lots of options for all skiing levels, from beginners to professionals, so I decided to practice a bit on the long wide slopes of the Village Trail before heading back to the more challenging courses. We skied non-stop until past 2:00pm, when we headed down to the River Valley Inn for an awesome chicken schnitzel with gravy and fries. After lunch we made our final ascent to the mountaintop for one last round of zig-zag’s before heading to the bus.

Our night at the River Inn was everything we could hope for after a long day on the mountain; a huge hot dinner followed by a short session in the indoor spa and sauna, a hot shower, and then straight to the pub for Happy Hour (8:00 – 9:00 pm) and live music. Soon a few beers turn into a great party, and the live band had everybody dancing in their snow boots. I decided to head to bed soon after midnight, as another full day of skiing was yet to come.

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On Sunday after breakfast we left our bags in the bar while we checked out of our rooms (which took all of 10 seconds). Afterwards we were back in our skis before 9:00, and managed to navigate the slopes for 5 hours before our legs finally gave up and our bellies demanded lunch and a cold beer. Finally, after returning all our gear at the bottom of the mountain (no need to carry anything, anytime!) we head back to the hotel after another awesome day on the Thredbo slopes. Back at the Inn, we collected our bags and grabbed a final snack before boarding the bus to Sydney. Just before 10:30 pm we arrived back at Central Station, ready to head home for some well deserved rest!

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The best thing about the OZ Snow Weekend Adventure is how easy and convenient everything is made, so you can just spend your time having fun. The entire OZ Snow experience is perfectly designed, so you never have to worry about anything and you can just enjoy the time you have. They eliminate all the troubles of driving, hiring your gear, getting to and from the mountain, and all the other nitty gritty details, allowing you to make the most of your weekend. This was definitely a great experience that I look forward to repeating ASAP!

You can book your OZ Snow Adventure at Maze Reception, where we will call and get the best available rate for you.