7 Best Foods To Try When In Sydney

One thing you will notice soon after arriving in Australia, is the multicultural nature of the country. This is best represented in the wide range of restaurants and some very cheap eats while you are in Australia. As many of the people who opened these places to eat were immigrants themselves, many of them are cheap and perfect for backpackers Sydney . Here is list of those you will find affordable, a staple of Australian food, and a must to eat.

Greek. There is always somewhere in any busy district or suburb where you can find a yiros. Many Greek immigrants moved to Australia in the 40s and 50s and brought their food with them. You will see everyone eating them especially in the early hours of the morning and they can be a great way to prevent a hangover for a few dollars.

Chinese. China towns abound, and Sydney is no different with probably the largest China town in Australia. Food is of very high quality and of real authentic taste. Prices range from very cheap to some of the highest in the world if you are looking to splurge on some real luxury.

Japanese. Australia has a large Japanese population and many in choose to live in Sydney. You can find many Japanese restaurants offering authentic Japanese cuisine. From someone who has spent a lot of time in Japan, I can promise you the food in Sydney tastes like it should, and even better in some cases. Noodle shops are a great way to get a taste of Japan and at a real bargain price.

Vietnamese. Often much preferred than Chinese, due to the light nature of the food, Sydney is loaded with authentic tasting Vietnamese restaurants. A meal is very filling, healthy and very good on your wallet.

Classic fish and chips. Fish and chips would have to be one of the classic English dishes that you must try while you are in Australia. Having some of the best seafood in the world, Sydney lends itself to inexpensive to the outright expensive battered delights. Something you just have to try.

Italian. Italians immigrated to Australia at the same time as the Greeks and they did exactly the same thing, set up their coffee shops. Some of the best cakes and sweets can be found in these authentic tasting family run shops. You will find them everywhere you go.

Thai. Along with many other Asian peoples, there are a large amount of Thai or near Thai such as Cambodians living in Australia. Many of their foods are a mixture of cultures and countries. Their restaurants are nearly always family owned and products all hand made. Great tasting and very healthy for you. Spicy foods go particularly well with some of Australia’s great white wines.

While you are in Sydney, get a taste of the local culture, and remember many of the people are already 3rd generation and they speak English better than you. All good Sydney hostels will be able to advise you on the best nearby.