6 Things to Consider when Booking a Hostel in Sydney

Maze - Booking a Hostel in Sydney

So, what should you look for in a hostel in Sydney? When booking a hostel, there are a few things you may want to consider. Apart from your budget, you will want to make sure the hostel is in a great location, has all the services and amenities you need, and of course, is a safe place to stay. While plenty of hostels are a great choice, it certainly pays to research your accommodation before booking. Here are 6 things to consider when choosing a hostel.

1. Is the hostel centrally located?

When selecting a hostel, you want to ensure it’s centrally located or in close proximity to public transport. When exploring a new city, it’s always best to start in the middle, so try choosing somewhere in the central business district or the old town.

Never sacrifice location for money. If you opt for a super cheap hostel, you may end up in a residential area, or somewhere that is a long (and expensive) bus ride away from the action. It’s always worth comparing locations on Google Maps, and reading reviews from other travellers who’ve stayed in the city.

If you’re coming to Sydney, Maze Backpackers is the perfect choice. Situated in the heart of Sydney’s bustling CBD, Maze is a stone’s throw away from major shopping districts, cultural attractions, tourist hotspots and supermarkets – you will have everything you need.

2. What sort of facilities are available?

You might think that you won’t be spending much time at your hostel, but there will be times when you may just want to relax for the day. In the event of wet weather, you may also want to just stay at the hostel and meet some new friends and travellers. So, it’s best to make sure there’s plenty to do at the hostel you’re staying at.

At Maze Backpackers, there’s plenty to do during your stay. Whether you want to challenge a new friend in a game of pool or catch up on all of your favourite TV shows in the lounge room, you can do it here. Perhaps you want to be able to catch up on your chores and do some laundry and ironing? There is a coin operated laundry and a major supermarket nearby, so getting refreshed and cleaned up for your next big adventure is easy to do.

If you prefer a home-cooked meal, there’s a fully functional kitchen at the hostel so you can save some money by cooking your own meals and relieve any homesickness you may be feeling.

3. Are there any freebies are included?

There is no doubt that everyone loves getting some free stuff! There aren’t many places that provide much for free these days, but if you look around you’re sure to find some hidden gems. At Maze Backpackers, we understand that getting stuff for free is always a good thing, which is why we make sure to give our guests something for nothing every time.

Every week we have a free BBQ, free chicken and rice evening, and free pancakes on Sunday mornings. We also run a free movie night and there’s always a free activity to take part in each day if you want to. We also provide free linen and a welcome towel, as well as hair dryers and hair straighteners, so you don’t need to worry about travelling with those bulky items!

4. Value for money

When you’re using your hard-earned cash to stay in accommodation around the world, you want to make sure that it feels like you’re getting your money’s worth. There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of your savings on a place to stay, and then feeling like you’ve wasted your money and you didn’t get what you paid for.

Something that can be truly valuable is staying at a hostel that hire knowledgeable staff. When staff are friendly and helpful, that always makes a stay a lot more comfortable (especially if you’re a long way from home). A hostel is about having a warm environment, not just a cheap place to stay. When staff treat you like an old friend, it truly helps you to feel like you’ve got your money’s worth.

5. Activities and social aspects

Some of the best hostels to stay in are the ones that have a large common area or shared lounge where people can relax, chat with other travellers and make new friends. Having a space to hang out and socialise is a part of what makes backpacking so great! These areas also help those traveling alone to make new friends, feel more welcome and have an easier time meeting people.

A hostel that organises daily or weekly activities is also a great way for those staying there to get to know their “roommates”. Maze Backpackers has daily activities organised and it’s all free of charge, so you’ll be able to get involved every day to meet new friends and get social.

6. How secure is the hostel?

When travelling, especially if you’re doing it solo, you need to be able to feel safe at your accommodation. Security is so important when staying in a hostel so be sure to check with your accommodation if there is any security in place.

Maze Backpackers prides itself on providing a safe place for travellers. We feature a 24-hour reception desk, so there’s always someone available if you need assistance. We have an overnight security guard and we are also a LGBTQI+ recognised Safe Place. We welcome everyone and want to make your stay as comfortable and as fun as possible.

Only registered hostel guests are allowed into Maze, we do not allow any visitors into the property to increase our security. Every guest receives an access card that they use to ‘tap in’ to the building on entry.

To make sure you get to Maze Backpackers safely, we also offer complimentary airport transfers if you are staying for more than three nights (which is a pretty good incentive to stay with us longer!).

Travel safe and have fun in Sydney

It doesn’t have to be hard to find a great place to stay in a Sydney hostel. Whether you’re with friends in a group or travelling solo, Maze Backpackers offers a great place to stay that is affordable, friendly, fun and safe.

Book easily online via our booking page for more information.