6 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Surf in Sydney

When people think of surfing, learning to surf, and the beach culture, Sydney isn’t usually one of the places that first comes to mind! In reality, though, Sydney has easy access to a wide range of beaches. Conditions at some are gentle, and you can graduate to beaches with bigger waves, by doing nothing more than taking a different bus. If you’re backpacking in Sydney in summer, it is actually the perfect opportunity to learn to surf – here’s why!

    • Because 7 Mile Beach is Australia’s best ‘learn to surf’ beach

Surfing is an unpredictable sport. You have no control of the conditions of the ocean, so the best thing to do is choose a beach that is very consistent in its conditions. 7 Mile Beach consistently delivers conditions easy for beginners to learn to surf in – not too small, not to big … just right! Seven Mile Beach also has plenty of native wildlife, and a great fossil display if you aren’t too tired.

    • Because Sydney beaches are more heavily patrolled than most others

Sydney is the most populated area of Australia, and as such the beaches around the city are some of the most heavily patrolled. If you’re learning to surf for the first time, you’ll probably be swimming a lot further out (in heavier conditions) than you are used to. Don’t turn a surfing experiment into a tragedy!

    • Sydney has a great variety of teachers and packages.

Another benefit of being one o the most heavily populated areas of Australia is that there is plenty of competition among the large range of local surfing schools. This means that lesson prices are lower in Sydney than almost anywhere else in the country. You can get a 140day camp for $1,650, or a day lesson for around $100.

    • It’s cheap!

Not only is Sydney the cheapest place to learn to surf in Australia, the competition for the surfing student dollar means that it is one of the more cost-effective day long activities in the city. Compared to climbing the Harbour Bridge, seeing a show at the Opera House, or even grabbing a gourmet meal, learning to surf is awesome value!

    • Sydney is a hub

Planning to learn to surf somewhere, anywhere, in Australia? It may as well be Sydney, because there are tons of great backpackers hostels in Sydney , awesome pubs, parties galore, iconic tourist activities, and great beaches. Sydney is central, in terms of both travel and activities. If you’re going to learn to surf at some stage on your Aussie trip, make it in Sydney!

    • Easy access to more secluded spots

Once you get a bit more confident, you’ll no doubt want to start checking out some alternative beaches. Sydney is located close to much more rural surf spots, like Port Macquarie and Tathra. Catch a bus up or down the coast a few hundred kilometres, and you’ll pass dozens of great, patrolled surf spots.