5 Meals to Try in Sydney

Sydney has an amazing array of restaurants and other eateries to satisfy the most curious of taste-buds. Because of the rich cultural diversity of the city there are great selections of food from around the world. Despite having many high end meals there are places for all budgets including those of you staying in Sydney hostels.

As Aussie as…

1. Kebabs – To start off the suggested 5 meals to try in Sydney you will be hard pressed to avoid eating some fantastic kebabs in the harbour city. The Turkish delicacy is available almost anywhere (including the suburbs) and some of the best may be found around Auburn in western Sydney. This a great late night after beers dinner and has become a traditional Aussie as well as Turkish snack.

2. North African and Middle Eastern – After your adventure with the humble kebab you may wish to try something more substantial in terms of middle-eastern cooking. As was mentioned earlier you will have no problems tracking down restaurants from most middle-eastern and north African countries from Afghan to Moroccan dishes.

Sydney is in Asia

While Australian land may have been colonised back in 1788 by Britain it is within the last half century that our taste-buds have been colonised by Asia. If you are popping out of your backpackers Sydney location then you will probably notice the huge range of Asian food available:






Plus many more

Pretty much all Asian food is represented throughout the city and much of it is authentic and cooked by recent or past migrants down under. A few years back fusion food was all the rage, but now traditional “real” Asian food rules so I really recommend the following meals.

3. Korean BBQ – Ok, so BBQs are popular in countries outside of Australia too, and this is a great way to eat with friends or fellow travellers.

4. Vietnamese – This is something you will really enjoy with so many light and refreshing dishes (and the spicy ones too!) that will leave you satisfied and craving more. If you want to try somewhere upmarket be sure to book for the Nguyen families Red Lantern restaurant.

Australian Food?

Because only five meals are suggested here I wanted to leave the best till last with recommendations of Australian food. Many of you will think that kangaroo meat, emu, crocodile and snakes may be on an Australian menu but the winner in the Australian meal contest has a humble winner:

5. The Meat Pie – This simple dish is easy to eat, comes in its own bag, is affordable with or without sauce and comes in a variety of flavours. While it may not be as exotic as some of the other food I have mentioned, it is definitely the most Australian. So before you rush off to an expensive restaurant be sure to taste the meat in a pastry that was probably responsible for fuelling the builders of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House!