11 Saving Tips for Travel on a Shoestring Budget

Maze Backpackers - 11 Saving Tips for Travel on a Shoestring Budget
When the urge to travel strikes, there’s nothing you can do but follow your bliss. Although travel can be expensive, there are plenty of ways that you can save and make your money go further. Follow these tips and your next adventure will be packed with memories, minus the debt. Here’s the best ways to save money while travelling.

1. Travel light

Travelling light not only cuts down on your airfare baggage costs, it’s a great way to keep you from accumulating unneeded souvenirs and overspending on things you don’t need. A great travel adventure is about the experience, not how much stuff you can buy. Travel light and you’ll be more flexible, adapt better to changing circumstances and be less likely to spend on plastic boomerangs. All important for a cheap, fun adventure.

2. Steer clear of kitschy junk

Many popular tourist spots and rammed with souvenir stalls aimed at separating you from your hard earned dollars. While it’s great to source interesting, ethical objects to take home as gifts or souvenirs, you’re probably not going to find them in a souvenir shop. Do your wallet a favour and steer clear of the kitschy junk.

3. Skip the airline food

Many airlines now offer cheaper flights if you don’t opt for extras like in-flight meals. Not only is plane food more expensive than a traditional meal, it’s not exactly the tastiest.

If you’re catching domestic flights around Australia or to nearby neighbours like New Zealand and Bali, why not skip the inflight meals, pack your own nutritious food and save some dollars while you’re at it.

4. Travel with the right cards

International ATM transaction fees can seriously eat into your spending money, but travelling with a wad of rolled up up notes in your sock isn’t exactly the safest way to get around.

Instead, ask what arrangements your current banks have with those in your destination country, and investigate credit cards that offer zero exchange fees or other travel benefits. Travelling with the right cards can give you those extra dollars to make your journey even more memorable.

5. Eat the hostel food

Many hostels offer complimentary breakfast, tea, coffee and other goodies to help keep you sustained with a minimum of fuss. Not only is hostel food cheap (or free), it also save you time wandering around looking for a place to grab a bite to eat.

6. Ask the locals

Making friends with locals can help get you the inside track on fun, cheap activities and create memorable experiences without breaking the budget. Think about your own hometown – you probably know dozens of interesting things to do that don’t cost much. Talk to some locals, or even folks who have been around for awhile (like the people at the front desk of your hostel). They’ll have dozens of pointers for how to enjoy your trip, even if you don’t have much spending money.

7. Take advantage of sightseeing passes

Museums, galleries and other buildings of interest often have bulk passes that grant you access to multiple venues under the one ticket. Choose carefully, as you’ll want to make sure you’re getting value for money. But if you’re someone who loves to check out the art and history of a place, then you’ll want to sort out your sightseeing pass before even setting foot in a gallery.

8. Travel during the off season

Most popular tourist destinations become more expensive during their peak season. They also get busier! Savvy adventurers doing it on the cheap know the off season offers more bang for your buck. Think about it:

  • Accommodation is cheaper
  • There’s less lines for galleries and museums
  • You get a more ‘local’ experience
  • Less price gouging
  • You can see more in a shorter amount of time.

Few major tourist destinations truly stop in the off season. Take Sydney for example. Vivid Sydney is a citywide exhibition of art, light shows, music and culture that takes place during the Australian winter. In short, just cause you’re not around for the summer doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to see and do.

9. Get a rail or travelpass

Depending on where you travel (and how far you plan to go) rail passes can be a cheap and efficient way to get around. You probably already know Europe and Japan both have efficient, high speed rail networks. But most major metropolitan cities have metropasses for buses, trams and trains that offer discounted fares compared to single ticket purchases. Sydney is no different. Grab yourself an Opal card and make travelling on buses, trains and ferries a breeze!

10. Buy airfares in advance

Planning is ultimately the best way to save money. The more thought and effort you put into planning out your trip, the less chance you’ll have of getting stung but some unforeseen cost. Your airfare is probably the biggest single cost you’ll incur on any travel trip, so keep an eye out for discounted flights and take advantage of what’s on offer.

11. Stay in hostels

Hostels are the most cost effective accommodation when travelling. It’s not just the upfront savings of having a roof over your head and a place to sleep either. Hostels offer a range of cost saving benefits to guests during their stay:

  • Information from staff that’s tailored towards budget travelling
  • Like-minded travellers with whom you can split costs and share tips
  • Pocket friendly facilities like laundries and internet access / WiFi.
  • Somewhere to leave your baggage even before checking in.

With all these features and more, including airport shuttle and free drink vouchers, Maze Backpackers is the ultimate Sydney hostel experience. Located in the heart of the city with shops, restaurants and transport on your doorstep, you’ll experience everything Sydney has to offer on a budget you can afford. Book with Maze Backpackers today.