10 of Sydney’s Best Cheap Eats for Under $10


In Sydney it’s easy to tantalise your tastebuds when on a tight budget. With plenty of food trucks, markets, takeaway hotspots and restaurants, there’s a plethora of food options that are insanely delicious – without the fine dining price tag.

If you’re keen to curb those hunger cravings with quality, delicious food that will leave you with change in your pocket, then check out our Sydney’s top ten cheap eats hit list.

1. Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

The humble pie is a mainstay in every Australian’s diet, so why not head to one of Sydney’s most iconic pie craftsmen next time you’re feeling hungry? The first Harry’s Cafe de Wheels was opened in Woolloomooloo over 70 years ago, and ever since has been dishing up homestyle pies with peas and gravy to satisfy hungry customers. Harry’s is more than just a cheap eat; it’s a tourist hot spot in its own right.

2. Chinatown

If you have a hankering for Asian cuisine, head to Sydney’s very own Chinatown. The night markets here on Fridays are awesome when you want to grab an inexpensive and delicious bite to eat. The many food courts in the area boast a huge variety of options to choose from, and the portions are always generous. If you’ve already spent a lot of time here, why not try the multicultural hubs of Blacktown or Cabramatta for authentic Filipino and Vietnamese food at seriously affordable prices. If you’re heading to Blacktown, the award-winning Suns Burmese Kitchen serves insanely tasty meals for less than $10 each.

3. Food Trucks

Food trucks are starting to pop up everywhere in Sydney, with many of them offering incredible food for under $10. Mama Linh’s ‘pho-style’ beef roll is made using a deliciously slow cooked brisket which is then hand-pulled and soaked in gravy. This, put inside a crispy baguette and topped with a selection of pickled vegetables and a delicious ‘pho’ mayo, will have you coming back for more. You’ll find Mama Linh’s food truck Tuesday to Friday at Wynyard Park in the CBD and Metcalfe Park in Pyrmont.

The NYP Deli, aka the New York Pastrami Deli, serves lunch from 12-3pm every Wednesday at Miller’s Point and every Friday in Metcalfe Park. They serve up premium rare roast beef bagels, Reuben sandwiches and hot dogs, all of which are seriously premium. All dishes are under $10, and you’re guaranteed to give their menu a workout.

4. Encasa Deli

Located on Bathurst Street in the CBD, Encasa Deli is an offshoot of the Spanish Encasa Restaurant. You can either eat in or order takeaway, and they never skimp on their servings. Try the Tortilla bocadillo for $9; it’s a deliciously crusty roll with a large portion of potato omelette inside. Scrumptious, and very hearty!

5. Mr Crackles

If you see a huge line up on Oxford Street late at night, chances are it’s for Mr Crackles – not a nightclub. Open both day and night, go during daylight if you want to avoid long queues. Mr Crackles is famous for its signature pork roll with pieces of crackling, which will absolutely knock your socks off. Just want a cup of the good stuff? Cups of crackling are only $5.

6. Gyradiko

Reminiscing about the gyros you had in Greece? Then you’ll thoroughly enjoy the pork gyros at Gyradiko, located in Bexley on Forest Road. For $8 you can enjoy authentic Greek food not far from Sydney’s CBD.

7. Paul’s Famous Hamburgers

There are many great burger joints in Sydney, but Paul’s Famous Hamburgers truly encapsulates what the Aussie burger is all about. Located in Sylvania, you’ll enjoy a picturesque journey on the way to sample this whopping feast. For under $10 you can grab one with the works.

8. Old Mate

There are a few cafes in and around Sydney offering some great deals, but Old Mate in Surry Hills is certainly one of the best. For $9 you can enjoy a delicious sourdough sandwich, and for an additional $2 you can grab a coffee as well. Did someone say bargain?

9. Sea Bay

When you want to catch up with friends and enjoy some great food and drinks, Sea Bay in the CBD is a great dinner option. BYO is free, and the fried dumplings are absolutely delicious. Dinner out with friends has just been made affordable.

10. Soda Factory

Who would have thought that you could enjoy a $1 hot dog inside a trendy Sydney venue? Soda Factory in Surry Hills offers its famous gourmet American style hot dogs for only $1 every Tuesday night. As far as cheap eats go, this has to be the best value for money you can get!

Don’t go hungry

When it comes to cheap eats in Sydney, there are plenty of places to eat on an a budget without skimping on taste. The key is just knowing where to go! With so many options available, backpackers on any budget should never fear going hungry – there’s a scrumptious, cheap meal just around the corner.