10 Essential Sydney Backpacker Must Have Items

If you are looking for backpackers Sydney , or just planning the rest of your Australian holiday, here are some essentials that you should carry, have, own or know.

Lonely Planet. If you don’t use it, or you have not read it, then it is about time that you did. The lonely planet is the world single best resource for great information and particularly good for those on budget travel. A smart-phone application is also available to make it to use the information when on the go. It is not surprising that the Lonely Planet was actually founded in Australia.

First Aid Kit. You would have to be crazy not to be carrying your essential medication and band-aids. When you are in Australia you must be carrying sun block and something to keep those bloody flies away! Insect repellent is definitely on the list of must have at all times while you are in Australia.

Time Out. If you are in Sydney and you are looking for fun any day of the week, it is all about being in the know. If you can’t find the paper version, check out a copy online.

Bottle Opener. This can be a great way to get a free beer when others are in need, and you might be surprised how often nobody has one. Beer is well liked in Australia and if you are outside and getting sun and fun, you will find them even more enjoyable at the days end.

Swimming gear. If you can’t swim you had better learn fast. With so many swimming pools and amazing beautiful beaches you are going to find yourself in them soon. Note that just about everyone in Australia can swim and you will soon find out you are left alone and a target of ridicule.

Hat. If you did not wear one, you should while you are in Sydney and Australia. The sun in Australia is much stronger than you expect and you can get more than a little sunburnt. Sun stroke is a very real concern.

Quick Wit. With so many new people to meet and not much time to do it, having something to share and some travel tips might just make you the life of the party.

Courage. Australia lends itself to outdoor activities and having the courage to partake in many of them is essential – because everyone else is. From walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge to diving in reefs, there is no time to be running and hiding.

Smile. A smile will go a long way in Australia, in a country where absolute strangers say hello or ‘G’day Mate’ as they look each other in the eye. It is actually considered bad manners not to do so.

Thick skin. It is actually in the culture of Australians to make fun of people when they are around and not when they are NOT around. Get used to this and realise it is because someone likes you. Never get upset and realise people are laughing with you NOT at you.

With so many Sydney hostels to choose from, loaded with people from all over the world, why not join in the party.